PuttOUT Putting Mirror Trainer-Grey

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    The pack consists of:

    PuttOUT magnetic mirror is a composite of a steel backing for rigidity and strength, a printed acrylic mirror and a elastomer cover. 

    The cover has spikes to secure the mirror on our mat or on a green, recesses on the back to store the magnetic accessories, a moulded indent in the front for easy ball location 

    and features on the rear to enable the mirror to stand at a 45 degree angle for a range of views. The cover also has slots in the front to help locate the putter guides consistently.

    PuttOUT magnetic guides x 2. A great drill to encourage consistent putting is the putter gate drill. Our magnetic guides can be positioned to the exact width of a putter to enable the user to practice this and

    increase the quality of their strike. The guides are designed to stick to the mirror via magnets and also locate in the correct position with slots and printed markings to help. The mirror can accommodate the largest Cure putters (6 inches wide).

    The guides can also be arranged on the mirror to set up tracks and stops for other drills.

    PuttOUT putting gate x 3. Another great drill is using small gates to reduce the size of the target. This can increase focus and be used of a sloping green to gauge break points. The feet have PuttOUT spikes on the underside,  just like the Pressure Putt Trainer and Mirror.

    Angled mirror. There is an amazing benefit in viewing your putting stroke form another angle. A different viewpoint can highlight what your doing well and what you need to improve on. The PuttOUT mirror has a feature on the rear of the cover 

    that allows the gate to support it at 45 degrees in either landscape of portrait format.

    Drawstring Bag. We will include a nylon drawstring bag in the PRO Mirror to protect it from scratches.

    Acetate mirror covers. The rubber cover has a lip that will allow acetate covers to be positioned over the mirror. This will protect the mirror and also give the user options on printed alignment lines and even the opportunity to customise their mirror.

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